Checking out the Nightlife

Nightlife has gone through many changes throughout human history.

Finding a way to unwind and enjoy leisurely activities has been and continues to be reserved for the evening. 

Nightlife Activities of the Past

Evening activities and entertainment look very different these days compared to the past. Antonia Taddei wrote that in late 19th century London for example, men’s only clubs spiked in popularity. Membership in these clubs signaled status and prestige. People also went to see live theater including Vaudeville performances, opera, and other types of shows. Through the 20th century, dance clubs became popular with live bands playing music for people to dance. During the era of the prohibition on alcohol in the United States, clubs still existed as what was called a “speakeasy.” These were clubs that appeared to be a different type of business from the outside so as not to call attention to them as a club. 

Fun for Everyone

When it comes to nightlife today, there is something for everyone. Hadley Mendelsohn writes for MyDomaine that one thing people enjoy doing in the evening is going to a comedy club or a live theater show. Comedy clubs have gained in popularity and are on the rise again. People are looking for more than just dinner and a movie. Heading to somewhere that they can be entertained, and enjoy some human connection is great fun and highly popular. 

Escape Rooms 

For a different evening activity, check out an escape room. CBS Los Angeles explains on their YouTube video about how escape rooms are all the rage and a fun way to enjoy a night out. In an escape room, you are in a themed room with a particular plotline. You must figure out a series of clues that lead to a key that opens the lock to the door. Your goal is to get out as quickly as possible as most venues track the time and have a leaderboard. This is a fun activity that can begin or end any night out on the town.