Expand Your Palate With New Cuisines

Burgers and fries anyone? As for me and most Americans, this is what we love to eat most.

Our favorite dishes map out who we are and where we come from. Cuisine is a term that refers to particular dishes depending on the region and culture they originate from. 

Cuisines developed as human civilizations evolved. Climate and availability of edible plants and animals are the factors that played a critical role in the development of early cuisines.

How Are Cuisines Classified?

Cuisines are classified on the basis of regions, cultures, religions, and cooking styles. Some examples of this classification include:

  • Regional: Italian, Mexican, Indian, Chinese and Spanish
  • Religious: Jewish, Muslim, Jain, and Buddhist
  • Ethnicity: Native American, African American, American, African, and Arab.
  • Style: Traditional, gourmet, and fusion.

A Brief History of International Cuisine

Have you ever wondered where Taco’s, Pasta, Noodles or even Curry originated from? You may think that you really understand the history of some cuisines, but you would be surprised to know that even what you consider your traditional cuisine has its roots in other parts of the world. For instance, pasta is considered a traditional Italian dish; however, the noodle is considered a Chinese creation.

American cuisine is also a blend of culinary contributions from the diverse groups that immigrated to the United States. This includes; Europeans, Asians, American Indians, Africans, South Americans, and Pacific Islanders.

Culture dictates a region’s style of cooking. Religion also determines what foods can be consumed, and how they are prepared. For instance, Hindus don’t consume beef since the cow is sacred in their religion. Muslims don’t eat pork because pigs are considered unclean.

Why You Should Experience New Cuisines

  • You discover foods you’ve never tried before.
  • You experience foods in a new way.
  • You learn about different cultures through food.
  • You experience new flavors and dishes that you can try at home.
  • You meet new people.

If you love cooking and are competitive an excellent way of experimenting with new cuisines is by enrolling for cooking competitions such as MasterChef and Top Chef.