Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center

Khan Shatyr is one of the most unique structures in Central Asia.

This giant transparent tent serves as an entertainment district in the Kazakhstan capital of Astana. 

Filling the Need

Kazakhstan is in the middle of Central Asia. This largely desert country can have some very extreme temperatures through the year (both high and low.) Designed by British architect Norman Foster, this giant transparent tent opened in 2010. According to Atlas Obscura, Khan Shatyr is 150 meters tall and covers over 100,000 square meters of space! The transparent material covering the tent allows sunlight to shine through keeping the building warm during the intense winter months in Kazakhstan. There is also a sophisticated heating and cooling system that maintains a very comfortable temperature year-round. 

What’s Inside? 

The overall purpose is to give people a place to go that is comfortable regardless of what the outside temperatures are in the city of Astana. Khan Shatyr is a large entertainment center with restaurants, shops, a miniature golf course, an indoor beach and so much more. It even contains a park that is perfect for jogging, exercising, playing, or just people watching. When you go in, you’ll hear the sounds of children playing and people mingling. It truly is the centerpiece of Astana. 

Going for a Visit

If you’re planning to take a trip to Central Asia, visiting the Kazakhstan capital of Astana won’t disappoint. Architectural marvels like Khan Shatyr are breathtaking to see and accessible to all. YouTuber Patmax Adventures paid a visit to Khan Shatyr and documented the experience in this video. The views of this fascinating building in the evening are breathtaking, and the oasis it provides allows people to spend their days in comfort despite the harsh weather conditions outside. Coffee shops, fast food, and fine dining are all available if you are looking for a great meal. Make Khan Shatyr a must-visit destination in your travel plans.