Looking for a Relaxing Night In? Take a Bubble Bath!

There’s nothing like the calm and clean feeling you get after a long soak in the tub.

Though it is not known just when the tradition of bubble baths began, Mr. Bubble can claim the honor of making bubble baths affordable to a wider range of customers.

Invented in 1961, Mr. Bubble marketed itself as a way to help you avoid troublesome bathtub rings. These days, we are all a little more concerned with the calming effects of a bubble bath than the practicality of a clean tub, though that is still, of course, an added bonus. 

Bubbles baths are great because they can be taken at home or on vacation. Let’s take a look at how to make the most of yours. 

Bubble Bath Essentials

Every good bubble bath begins with a bubble bath solution and some candles. Scents are an important part of getting into a state of relaxation, so  pairing your bubble bath with a similarly scented candle can have a positive impact on your overall experience. Studies show that scents like vanilla and cinnamon are have a calming effect, whereas citrus and peppermint scents can be energizing. Seasonal scents, like pumpkin or pine, can bring back fond memories which are often relaxing for many people as well.

Complete comfort is the goal, so you will definitely want to have a bath pillow to rest your head, and a soft scrubber to pamper your skin. If you have some achy muscles, you can add some scented or plain epsom salts to into your bathwater. 

What Do You Do in a Bubble Bath?

Some people like to just rest and relax with their thoughts, while others prefer reading a book, or using a tablet for games a movies. A tub caddy can provide the perfect platform for any of these activities so you can keep your books and electronics safe and dry. They usually have enough room for holding a drink as well as a scrubber and soap. You can also get a waterproof speaker for playing calming music or a guided meditation.

Whatever your bubble bath style, just fill up the tub, add in the bubble bath, then relax and enjoy.