Planning a Trip is Half the Adventure

Even thinking about a trip excites our minds and bodies alike: the sense of wonder and adventure allowing us to escape, however briefly, whatever we are dealing with or wherever we are. 

A (Very) Brief History of Travel

From nomadic tribes in Africa that led to the population of our planet, to the creation of more ambitious exploration tools such as the wheel, vessels, planes, and even space ships, we have been on the move for as long as we could think and walk.

You can say that our very need to explore our surroundings is responsible for the way the world looks today. Technology is at the heart of our need to discover new frontiers, both physically and beyond.  

Traveling Today

Outside of philosophical wanderings, travel today is a multi-trillion dollar industry, responsible for nearly 320 million jobs worldwide, according to The World Travel and Tourism Council. And we have yet to bring space travel to the masses!

Planning a Trip Today

More than ever before, we have an incomparable number of tools (most of them free) available to us today. Whether it is guidebooks or online traveler forums, we can have detailed accounts of virtually any destination in the world before setting a foot outside our bed. Below is a somewhat chronological way to get your next adventure started:

  • Resources such as Lonely Planet, or Kayak are great places to get started.  All you need is a computer (or a library) and an internet connection to begin!
  • Once you have selected a location and have a rough idea of an itinerary (the Lonely Planet phase), you can book your tickets (the Kayak phase) and start looking at accommodations.
  • Whether it is a traditional hotel (where a tool such as can be useful), or a local apartment (where Airbnb comes into play), the sky is the limit.
  • Finally, you may consider booking local buses where appropriate, or perhaps a car rental; others prefer to leave themselves open for the flexibility.
  • It’s always also good to check with your insurance to evaluate your coverage abroad or supplement with travel insurance.

Even if all you can manage today is a daydream, the internet is full of exciting accounts of travels the world over; perhaps you can use the motivation to start saving or planning the time off. Sometimes all we need is just to get started — and who knows, maybe one day you can join the thousands of digital nomads out there!