Starting a Blog

A blog can be the best way to make a personal connection with people having a specific interest.

Starting a blog can secure you as an expert in that field. 

How Did Blogs Begin?

Web Designer Depot says that the first blog was actually the personal homepage of college student Justin Hall that he began in 1994. He updated the site in the style of a personal journal that periodically updated people about his life. But it wasn’t until 1997 that the term “weblog” was used to describe the process of logging information on the web. Eventually, this was shortened to just the word “blog” which became Merriam-Webster’s 2004 word of the year. Platforms like Blogger and WordPress were developed to make blogging accessible to everyone, and the rest is history. 

What Has Blogging Become Today? 

Today you can’t go online without finding a blog very quickly. The blog has become a fusion of journalism, education, opinion sharing, and selling. Anyone looking to share anything with the world online can do so through blogging. With the ease and accessibility of video on the internet, the concept of “vlogging” has become highly popular. YouTube vlogger Casey Neistat has developed a following of over 11 million subscribers just through his vlog videos. This is a way to take the blogging concept to video instead of through the written word. 

Becoming an Expert

When you begin to write and people begin to read your blog, it creates a following of readers and/or watchers. They begin to share your blog with their friends that have similar interests, and your followers grow. Whatever you choose to blog about, you begin to establish yourself as an expert in that topic. Some people have been able to make big money with their blogs. Their income doesn’t just come from selling, but also from advertising. R.L. Adams writes for Forbes about several blogs that generate huge incomes! 

What’s Your Niche?

The most inspiring part about blogging is that you can have a lot of success in virtually any niche. Professional blogs like Smashing Magazine offer a lot of content in the web development industry. They provide a great deal of content at no cost for those in the industry and have grown a huge following. Other popular blogs like Perez Hilton are focused on pop culture and celebrity gossip. Whatever your niche, you can begin providing a great deal of content and grow your audience.