40 different butterflies

The Butterfly Room: Tasteful Taxidermy

The Singapore House of Frewville, South Australia offers an exciting mix of Asian tropical and British Colonial decor.

The Butterfly Room has proven to be the crowning glory of the Singapore┬áHouse’s diverting style.

The Butterfly Room has proven to be the crowning glory of the Singapore┬áHouse’s diverting style.

Asian Fusion and Eclectic Decor

The creative geniuses behind Singapore House’s unique cuisine and fascinating design are Montie and Hailey Waraich. The Singapore House combines the dishes of Montie’s North India home with Southeast Asian fare to create flavor combinations that will satisfy even the most ardent foodie. The design of the restaurant cultivates an atmosphere of casual eclecticism, with ornate Persian rugs, flowery hanging lights, and wicker and hardwood furniture. The colonial-era obsession with taxidermy as decoration is tastefully evident throughout the restaurant, but nowhere is it more striking than in the Butterfly Room.

A Fascinating Exhibit

The Butterfly Room features a dark hardwood decor, which lends the private dining area a more intimate appeal. However, it is undeniable that the most striking aspect of the Butterfly Room is the butterflies. More than 600 shimmering butterfly specimens adorn the walls, pinned to boards singly or in pairs, and placed in display frames in a continuous layer from ceiling to bar. The delicate, preserved bodies of butterfly species from around the world offer a dazzling exhibit as intriguing as it is delightful. The Butterfly Room is large enough for various private events, and has its own small bar. It serves as a unique venue for private parties and events year-round, and has become a must-see for people from around the world.


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