Visit The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation

Located in Kazakhstan’s capital of Astana, the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation is a beautifully designed pyramid.

The Purpose

“The four sides of our Palace are oriented to the four sides of the world. In some sense this construction embodies independent Kazakhstan that friendly embraces all people of all nations and practicing different religions.”

~Nursultan Nazarbayev, the first President of Kazakhstan

The Palace was designed and created for the express purpose of providing a permanent venue for the triennial Congress of World and Traditional Religions. This congress brings together religious leaders for open dialogue to promote mutual peace and understanding. 

The Architecture

Designed by British architectural firm Foster and Partners, the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation took just under two years to build and was completed in 2006. The pyramid stands 62 meters (203 feet) tall with a symmetrical base that measures 62 meters by 62 meters. 

The top of the structure features beautiful stained glass work designed by artist Brian Clark depicting doves, a universal symbol of peace. The best view of the glass work can be seen from the inside in the apex conference room. The building also houses a 1350-seat opera hall and an atrium full of living trees and foliage. 

For a brilliant photograph of the full structure, wait until dark to capture it lit from within by glowing colors.

Planning a Visit

The city of Astana is very welcoming to tourists and has accommodations available to suit any price range. The city is home to not only the palace, but many other modern architectural structures that are sure to make the trip worthwhile for any architectural buff. While there you can also check out local music performances, museums, and restaurants with traditional local cuisine.

The Palace of Peace and Reconciliation is open 10-6 daily and offers 30-minute guided tours which are available in English.