Take Fabulous Pictures at Purikura Photoland in Sydney

Get creative with self-portraits and full-length photos at the Purikura Photoland

on the second floor of the old mall at Sydney’s Haymarket. The self-operating photo booths come from Japan where they were developed in the late 1990s.

Japanese Style Photo Booths

Purikura is an abbreviation of Purinton Kurabu or Print Club in Japanese. The selfie photo booth is the rage in Japan, part of the kawaii or “cute”  pop-culture. Its popularity has spread to Australia and other English-speaking countries. These booths are popular with teenage girls and others in Japan. Young women can take glamour shots with different hairstyles and makeup in this photo booth.

The photo booth allows you to edit your photo with different backgrounds and lighting. More than one person can appear in the photos. There is usually room for three people in a booth.

There are several types of machines to give you a different look. This is a great way to take photos with smooth skin and wide, bright eyes. You can take a photo wearing a new outfit or even a costume. You select the background you want for your editing.

Customize Your Prints

Once the photos are completed, you are directed to an editing station where the real fun begins. You can use a stylus on a touch screen along with digital stickers to put your picture into any situation. You can add stars, sparklers, dots, and other backgrounds. This is where you can add writing in bubbles or captions. You can make yourself look “otherworldly” with the editing. The finished edited photos can be printed out on stickers and cut up to give to friends.

The process is not difficult and it is a great way to entertain yourself and children. You insert payment to start the photo process on cue and you have three minutes to be photographed in different poses. You can take as many photos as you would like on different machines that offer various looks. The Purikura machines are located in an arcade with other games and machines. But they are the most popular!

Scrapbooking: Keep Your Memories Alive Through Visual Storytelling

Scrapbooking has been around longer than photography, and it’s essentially storytelling with more than just words.

Using things like photos, artifacts, tangible memories, and more, scrapbooks are a way to document memories. 

The Origins of Scrapbooking

Diaries, journals, and other forms of record-keeping have been around since before the 15th century. Bibles are a prime example of this, as they are the earliest recorded use of family record-keeping with births, deaths, marriages, and other important dates being recorded. In the late 1700s, extra-illustrating books became popular, where books had extra pockets, drawing places, and scrap holders. And literal scraps of newspaper were collected for the 1839 book “American Slavery As It Is: Testimony of a Thousand Witnesses.” During the 1800s, books of scraps became more popular, and blank notebooks began being filled with scraps of memories, such as clippings, cards, printed memorabilia, and a mix of sketches and journal entries. It’s also when the word scrapbook first came to be used, believed to be in 1821 and then as a verb in 1879.

By the 1850s, when photographs called visit cards became popular as a way of trading photos with friends and family, the first true scrapbooks were created. In 1872, famous author Mark Twain invented the self-adhesive scrapbook, which became widely popular. The 1900s brought recipe scrapbooks, where family recipes became a way to pass down family history. It also brought the invention of the Brownie camera, which led to people taking their own, now more casual photos and boosting the use of scrapbooking for everyday people. In 1981, the first store devoted to scrapbooking was opened and many more continued to open throughout the end of the 20th century.  With the invention of social media, digital scrapbooking became very popular. Today, there are many ways to create a scrapbook.

Getting Started with Scrapbooking

Anyone and everyone can scrapbook. Even President Thomas Jefferson scrapbooked! To get started, you can contact a professional scrapbooker, ask a friend that scrapbooks, or venture out into the vast abyss of supplies on your own. Stores like Michaels and Hobby Lobby carry an extensive selection of supplies.

All it really takes though, is a blank book, some glue, and the things you want to save in your scrapbook. Decide on a theme and then plan out each page before you commit to gluing items down. Get creative with your layout, and leave some space to tell your story with captions or brief journal entries. After the main items are glued down and the areas for text created, you can add fun colors, embellishments, and decor if you want. Pinterest is a great place to generate helpful design ideas.

To get fancier, you can take classes or buy embellishments to add to your album. If you aren’t crafty, you can use online software to help create a digital scrapbook or photo printing companies and create an album that way. There are even parties, retreats, and other get-togethers held by women who love to scrapbook. The possibilities are endless, and you’re only limited to your imagination – and maybe your budget. 

Keeping Memories Alive

While the technology available and the techniques have certainly changed since scrapbooks first arrived on the scene, the desire to tell stories hasn’t, and recording history will always be an important thing to leave to future generations. Doing this with meaningful expression makes it even more valuable.

Outdoor Movies: Enjoy a Movie in the Park!

Outdoor movies have a rich history in the United States.

Whether you are going to a drive-in movie or a community park, the outdoor movie is a wonderful experience for all.

History of Outdoor Movies

The original concept of watching outdoor movies comes from “open-air” cinema. According to The Airscreen Company, the oldest and longest-running open-air cinema is “Sun Pictures,” operating since 1916 in Australia.

Open-air cinemas during the silent film era involved a piano player providing a live soundtrack outside while people watched the film projected on the screen. These fun, “get out of the house” kind of events evolved into what became drive-in movie theaters.

Since the 1930s, drive-in movies allowed people to enjoy a movie from inside their parked car. Today, most drive-in movie theaters have closed, but there are still a number of places still thriving.

In fact, Claire Trageser with Travel and Leisure listed Wellfleet Drive-In Theater on Cape Cod as one of the drive-ins that are still very popular for those that want to experience the outdoor movie concept!

Movies in the Park

Outdoor movie in the park events has become popular as local community events, especially during the summer months. Lakeland PBS posted this YouTube video, identifying one of their local outdoor movie events.

These events bring people out from all walks of life. They’re usually community-oriented and offered free to the public.

In fact, when you attend, you’ll see families in lawn chairs and blankets, kids playing on nearby playgrounds, people laughing and just enjoying time with family, friends, and neighbors.

These events have become more common all over the country because of how much people enjoy them!

Successful Movies in the Park Events

Some of the most successful places that have incorporated a “Movie in the Park” night have made it accessible to all citizens. Showing popular movies that appeal to families and/or mass audiences is also important.

Little Rock, Arkansas has incorporated a very successful outdoor movie series in their River Market District. They offer free admission to their events, allow people to bring their own food, and they also provide security through the Little Rock Police Department.

Events like this have been very successful at bringing people together and creating unity for the community.